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    Audrey or Madeleine???

    I really like Madeleine and I thought we were settled on it, but my husband loves Audrey & is really pushing for it.

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on the name Audrey?

    Which name do you like better?

    I sometimes feel as though Audrey is a bit dry compared to Madeleine.

    Sibling is Isabelle.

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    I like them both a lot, but Madeleine has been on my name list since I was 5 years old. I find it so beautiful and timeless.
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    Audrey goes wonderfully with Isabelle, so that's probably what I'd go with. Both Audrey and Madeleine have an old-school Hollywood glamour, and the two names aren't that different.
    It also depends on what your middle name and last name are. If she's going to have a hyphenated six-syllable moniker, maybe having the vowel-heavy Madeleine isn't the way to go. Likewise, if your name starts with an E, Audrey might bump into that and sound awkward. For middle names, make sure either Madeleine or Audrey go well with it.

    If you don't have a middle picked out, Audrey Madeleine is a beautiful combination that also sounds lovely with Isabelle, and that's where my vote lies.

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    I prefer Madeleine.
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    We have a short 2 sylable surname starting with E.

    Also, it seems very likely that the middle name will be Susan after a much loved family member (it was previously going to be Lisa or Valerie - also after family members.

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