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    I have recently rediscovered the name Mercedes, and fallen for it. It's such a pretty name, but I'm wondering if the associations of the car are too strong. Thoughts?
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    The name's been around much longer than the car, and it's beautiful. Tough call...others will likely fixate on the brand, so you could slide it to the middle name position. Or try to educate the masses...but that might be a lot to put on a kid. I think it could work in a Hispanic community, but otherwise it might be rough going.

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    I (still) watch Glee, and I don't think I ever really think about the car in relation to the character Mercedes.
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    My name is Mercedes. I love it! I go by Sadie most of the time but I never really got bothered by the car association. Most of the time people just ask if it's spelled like the car. Also, I am not Hispanic. My family is mostly Swedish and Irish so I don't even have the German connection to the car. Anyway, if you love the name go for it. You could always call her Sadie or Mercy or give her a middle name that starts with J and call her MJ.
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    It is gorgeous. Because it has such a strong history before the car I think it can work.
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