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    I love Christopher and Caroline together! Great choice. If we have a boy this time around we are choosing Christopher too, it's my favourite name!

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    Thanks for the encouragement, I really appreciate it!

    Mommy dearest, hello to my fellow SM neighbor as well! Yes, I did know who Caroline's Kennedy namesake was...who married royalty. Can you imagine the pride Jackie and Lee's mother felt for having one daughter marry a blue blood and another a US President? Wow.

    MrsPjam - thank you for your compliments...especially Christopher. May I ask where you are from? I'm always interested to know where Christopher fans are as even though Christopher is very familiar name, we don't see it being used as much anymore.

    Any senior member experts out there...I'd appreciate your feedback too. I just hope my names are not considered "too formal" or too much of a mouthful. I don't really think so but just nervous. Honestly, to all of you who have given me your sweet encouragement, thank you!!! Feeling much better!!!

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    I think you picked a winner! Caroline is beautiful and goes wonderfully with your son's name. Congrats!
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