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    Due next week...just need one more booster shot of confidence over name, please?

    Our boy is Christopher John and expecting our girl soon - we chose Caroline Marie.

    Feeling nervous, I don't know why. Maybe b/c it's our last child and I know I won't see this oppty again in my life. Maybe b/c I love so many names. Maybe b/c although every single person has oohed and ahhh over the name when i tell them, one of my dearest friends today didn't. But, that could be just her personality as she's not the effusive type. She did say she liked it, it's very formal and very Kennedy-like. I know most people equate Caroline with the Kennedy's but when I asked how Christopher is related she mentioned Maria Shriver...LOL! I thought that was funny, though far fetched, I don't mind...I actually do love all the Kennedy names -- Patrick, Teddy, John, Bobby, Jaqueline etc.

    The other names we considered were:
    (I like Sophie, Emily, Violet, Molly, Annabel, Lucy and Madeline

    I appreciate if you all could reassure me. Is Christopher and Caroline TOO formal sounding or cute? I guess I just need one more vote of confidence to send me on my way!

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