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    Teagan or Harper?

    My husband and I are struggling with a name girls name. Please help!

    Our last name is pronounced "Gussy". This is our first child. If we have a boy, we were set on the name "Beau". If we have a boy down the road I think we would use the name Beau, so I am hoping to find a name that goes with it.

    Harper- I like, but it is sooo popular right now! Any suggestions for names that won't scream, "I was born in 2013?"
    Teagan- I really like this name but have a cousin named Teagan and if all possible I'd like to avoid duplicating.
    Payton - Love for a girl but am second-guessing a unisex name. There is some beauty in walking into the room and people knowing what to expect, male or female.
    Kinsley- Love, but know of someone who named their child Kinsely and don't want to copy.
    Keeley - Love, especially since I am very Irish, but feel that it is a little girls named that might not be well suited for an adult. Plus, I don't really like Kelly, and they are so similar.
    Sierra- Always have loved it but don't think its quite right - can't put my finger on it.
    Valerie- Love this classic name - its also my sisters name. Not sure I want to use her name just as it might be confusing in the family.
    Savannah- My ultimate favorite name, but also the name of my niece. Can't copy.
    Bella - Love, but another one of my nieces names.

    Do you have any suggestions ?!

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