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    Middle name help please!

    Last time I posted, we were down to 3 names: Willa, Corinna and Hazel. Big sister is Camille Elise.
    Hazel is a family name and we like that it is a little spunky/whimsical and a nature-y feel to it since we are outdoorsy people. However, we know that it is gaining popularity everywhere and it is especially popular where we live But we haven't let it go yet....

    If we use it, which middle name do you like best (hoping to see if we can use a combo of our top 3 somehow):

    Hazel Corinna
    Hazel Willa (but our last name has two L's)
    Hazel Adair
    Hazel Irene
    Hazel Althea
    Hazel Anne (my middle)

    Open to other suggestions....Thank you!

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    I love Willa, Corinna, and Hazel! Really beautiful choices.

    From those choices, I love Corinna Hazel.
    From your list...

    Hazel Corinna - I like this pair, but I think it sounds better in reverse.
    Hazel Willa (but our last name has two L's) - Two great names on their own, but with your last name, I think it's too much 'L'
    Hazel Adair - I don't like the flow of this. Hazel runs into Adair, so it sounds like Hazela Dare.
    Hazel Irene - I like this, but I worry that with both of these names being so classic and a little dusty, that the combo needs a little bit of freshness.
    Hazel Althea - I'm not a fan of Althea but I can see its appeal. There might be too many Ls again, though.
    Hazel Anne (my middle) - A little abrupt but a solid name nonetheless, and I like a nod to your mn

    Some others:

    Hazel Carina (I would pronounce Carina differently than Corinna)
    Hazel Emilia
    Hazel Fiona
    Hazel Katharine
    Hazel Annabeth
    Hazel Genevieve
    Hazel Therese
    Hazel Marlowe
    Hazel Eve
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    Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to respond and I will definitely consider your suggestions!
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    I really like Hazel Corinna and Hazel Althea. Here are a few other options for Hazel:

    Hazel Celine
    Hazel Arianne
    Hazel Margery
    Hazel Cecilia
    Hazel Vivienne
    Hazel Linnet
    Hazel Adeline

    Hope this helps!!!!

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    Those are really pretty combos! Thank you!

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