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    When is a name taken?

    When, in your opinion, is a name taken and off-limits?
    I'm asking because my boyfriend and I both come from very large families, and when we have kids it's going to be hard to find a name that isn't already in use. And, lately we have both really started to like Robin and Olivia.
    The problem is, I have a younger brother who's middle name is Robin, and my boyfriend has a sister who's middle name is Olivia. Would that be off limits for you? Or would it be okay to use a siblings middle name for your own children?
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    I expect your siblings would be honored.

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    When it's the name of one of your older children or a particularly unpleasant relative.

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    I would ask the bearer if it was OK before using it (in case they planned to use it themselves), but I think it's a nice way to honor siblings. My niece and I have the same middle name, but my sister asked if she could use it.
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    I think using a sibling's name could be really cool. Just maybe check first to see if they might be planning to use it for one of their own future children.
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