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    Thoughts on Anna

    I think instead of Anneliese, now I am leaning more towards just Anna. What are your thoughts on Anna? Too common? How does it sound with big sis Eliza Joy?

    Thinking Anna Josephine or Anna June.

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    I love Anna. It would be on my list if not for the fact that my last name is super short and my other three kids all have long first names. I think it is very cute with Eliza!
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    I like Anna a lot too! My husband desperately wants to name our next child this but unfortunately his niece is already named Anna so it is out for us.

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    Anna is a beautiful classic! (Annie as a nn is precious too.) I prefer it to Anneliese and think it goes great with sister Eliza. Truly, Anna Josephine and Anna June are both charming in their own ways, and they both go with Eliza Joy.

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    I personally prefer Anneliese, but then, my own name is Janna, so Anna just looks kind of incomplete to me! That said, it's a pretty classic that travels well and is very nice with Eliza.

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