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    Congrats on your adoption and new daughter! I LOVE Harper Mary Grace and Finley Grace and our reasons for your middle name choices (is there a reason why you left off Mary from Finley here? I like Finley Mary Grace as well, despite the double "y" endings on Finley and Mary.) I think Harper and Finley go best with your other kids' names. Brennan is just a bit too set in masculinity for me. If I saw Keaton, Jamieson, and Brennan, I'd think you had two boys and one girl. Harper and Finley are either-or boy-girl to me.
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    With a sister named Jamieson I would stick with something unisex, but not overly masculine like Brennan or Lennon, those names are all boy to me. I like Finley Grace the most of your combos. I also like Harper and Rowan (even though it ends with an n like Jamieson but that may not be an issue to you).
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    my favorites are Harper, and Rowan, but I think Harper fits best with the sibset. l love the name Harper!

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