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    You went with a unisex surname for your eldest daughter, so I feel that Charlotte, as lovely a name as it is, doesn't really work with this sibset.

    I think the other names work, though I'd choose to give your new daughter a middle all her own. It's tricky choosing without knowing your surname, but here are my thoughts on Keaton, Jamieson and.....

    Brennan...the repetition of the 'un' sound at the end of all three is too much for me choice from your list
    Finley....something about this name I can't warm up to.....maybe it sound like finicky?
    Rowan....echoing end sounds again
    Lennon....and again, but if this does't bother you, I am a fan of Lennon, though it leans male for me
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    Out of your choices I like Brennan, Rowan and Lennon. This way all three names share the -n ending. Lennon is my personal favourite.
    Lennon Grace is nice if that middle name has meaning to you, other middle names to go with Lennon could be Ruby, Stella or anything that gives it a bit of girly flair!
    If you don't care if the names endings "match" then I like Harper also.
    Some other suggestions:

    Good luck!

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    Congratulations! very exciting Have you been waiting long? if you dont mind my asking

    I love Rowan, Lennon and Harper, I think Harper stands out the most, fits in with the other kids but still different.

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    Thanks, everyone, for your help!!!

    It was a surprise, we have been hoping and praying that it would work out in our favor, you never know when it comes to a mother's choice
    We are hoping to bring her home tonight.

    The meaning in the middle names is "Mary" as my husband prayed/prays to Jesus' Mother Mary to guide him during this time and every day. His favorite saying is "what Mary wants, will be what we want and accept".
    "Grace" is also religious, as in "by the Grace of God is what will be".

    Marie is my middle name, as well as my husband's oldest daughter Meghan Marie, and our daughter, Jamieson Marie.

    We are currently leaning towards Brennan and Harper, as we do like the unisex names, with a girly middle name
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    Brennan Mary Grace is very cute, if you like that combination. Congratulations!!
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