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    New to the Forums: Looking for Sibset Help!

    Hello! I am a little over 16 weeks along with our *unexpected* 3rd baby. We have a boy name chosen already, but we are struggling with a girl name. We have a son, David Killian, and daughter, Caroline Ailis. My husband and I both have very traditional, classic first names and we went with the same for our first 2 kids. We are going to stick with the traditional first name for our 3rd, paired with a Gaelic middle name. So far the only names we can agree on are:


    I am not in love with any of them, my first choice is Audrey. DH has vetoed Audrey in favor of the names above. In your opinion, which of the 3 sound best with David and Caroline? Thanks so much for your help! I think any of the 3 would sound nice, but was looking for some outside input.

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    I love them all!

    However, I think it depends on whether or not you're prepared to deal with nicknames...Josie for Josephine, Liz/Beth/Betsy/Bess etc for Elizabeth.
    With Nora there isn't much opportunity to shorten it!
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    These are all great names! I don't think Nora is quite so "classic" as it is "vintage," so for me, the other two names are a better fit for the sibs' names. Elizabeth is a personal favorite, but Josephine sounds kind of awesome in the sibset. In any case, I really don't think you can go too wrong with any of these
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    I love all 3 of your choices. They all fit in very well with your other children's (beautiful) names. Perhaps keep all 3 on your mind throughout your pregnancy, and see if one grows on you more than the others. Or, you could always wait to meet her, and see which one suits.

    Another name you might like is's a little more classic than Nora, and Nora could always be a nickname.

    (Audrey is also lovely...too bad it's been vetoed! But, at least now, you have a top 3 to focus on!).

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    I like all three. 1. Nora 2. Elizabeth 3. Josephine
    Do you call Caroline Caroline or Carrie? Berries are obsessed with nicknames, but I think any of those names can be used in full. I know two Elizabeths who go by Elizabeth.
    I also recommend:

    Good Luck!

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