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    Gay & Lesbian Parents and Naming

    I ran into a woman while walking my dog today and found out she was lesbian. She had her daughter in the stroller with her and the daughter’s middle name was Mary. It would’ve been used as a first name but with the slang term of it used in the gay community she would never use it.

    We got to talking about naming concerns for gays and lesbians which is something I never thought of before. It ranged from not naming your child after gay icons (no Judy or Barbara). Obvious related names like Rainbow or Butch are a no-no. Another thing she mentioned is that gay and lesbian couples often hyphenate their last names (Smith-Johnson) so shorter names would do and multiple middle names for her we nixed.

    With gay marriages becoming more visible, I wonder what challenges gay and lesbian parents have with naming their children. Pam and Linda have written in their books and this blog about concerns minorities like the Jewish, African-American, and other communities have about kids’ names. I wonder what unforeseen points that lesbian and gay parents have on naming.
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