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    Poppy Montgomery

    So, last week Poppy Montgomery was on Live with Kelly and Michael. She listed her siblings names and I couldn't help but laugh. In a funny way they are "good" names because they all match each other, but so not my style!! lol

    Poppy Petal
    Lily Belle
    Rosie Thorn
    Marigold Sun
    Jethro Tull
    Daisy Yellow

    What do you think?
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    None of them are my style, but the worst ones in my opinion are Poppy Petal and Daisy Yellow. They sound like crayon colors, not names.

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    Some of them sound like what 4 year olds name their dolls, but I have to admit, I think Petal is adorable, and I love Daisy, Rosie and Poppy.
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    Well, these names are a little too much of a good thing for my taste but she just had her own daughter named Violet so she's continuing the family flower tradition for the next generation!
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    I hate to be negative about peoples name choices but I really dislike Poppy in general it sounds cute but in grade school Im sure she will be called poopy and as an adult it would be hard to take someone serious named Poppy. Lilly is pretty and Rosie is okay though I prefer Rosalind or a variation and Rose or Rosie as a nn. I will admit that Im surprised but I do like Petal in a strange way but again it would be hard to take an adult serious with the name Petal.

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