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    I love Wren on its own but some other options with nn Wren include:
    Arden (I know it's a stretch)
    Bryn or Brynna
    Torann (tor-in)

    (obviously they all have different spelling variations and I hope this helped!)
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    I like Wren as it is, too. It's a full name in its own right, I don't think it needs anything added. I do like Catherine nn Wren, though. And Maren nn Wren.
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    I think Wren is beautiful on its own. I wouldn't pair it with a blunt, one-syllable middle name, but I don't think you need to add a couple extra letters to 'get to it,' so to speak.
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    My favorite full name for Ren is Renata also spelled Renate. I would leave off the W unless you name her Wren. If you name her Maren or Seren etc., I would go with Ren.
    I also think Wren is fine on it's own.
    I don't like Wrenna. It looks trendy. It reminds me of a name like Kynley.
    Good Luck!

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    Rhys and Wren is cute but doesn't feel quite right in my mouth for some reason. What about Rhian or Rhianna? I love Welsh names. Aderyn would also fit nicely with Rhys, and still allow the nn Wren/Ryn.

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