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    Nicknames for Oliver

    Hello everyone -

    My wife and I are expecting #3 this summer. We do not know if it is a boy or girl. We are set with a girl's name and are 99% of the way there if the little one is a boy. Our surname is two syllables, and big both have classic/vintage names that have strong nickname associations. We both love the name Oliver for a boy, but aren't wild about the nickname Ollie. We don't actively dislike it, just aren't in love with it, particularly for an older boy/man.

    We thought we'd post here to get your thoughts on other potential nicknames for Oliver. We both love Levi (all the letters are in Oliver, but the sounds are different with the long "E" and "I" sounds. We have seen some parents use this nickname for Oliver on other boards with mixed reactions.

    I also thought of just using the first letter "O" as a nickname too.

    ps - We realize that Ollie/Olly/Oli is the most common nickname for Oliver, and that people would likely call him that and we can't control it - we were just wondering if you thought any other nicknames would work that we could call the little guy! Or maybe you can help convince us to fall in love with Ollie just as much as we love the more formal Oliver!

    pps - It's also possible that we're being slightly neurotic here too. We both got nervous about our chosen names shortly before the births of our first two kiddos, and now we absolutely love both their names and can't imagine them being named anything else.

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    The only unique nickname for Oliver I've ever heard of is a little boy that went by Rev/Revi (the ending backwards) occasionally. Mostly I just hear Olivers go by, well, Oliver!

    Along the same lines of Levi, Eli could also "work" (Yeah, the letters are in there, but that sound is quite a stretch). If you do pick Oliver, I think Oli will grow on you, haha.

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    You could use the nickname Viva which I think means life.

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    My husband and I are having the same issue. We also LOVE the name Oliver, but really don't care for the NN Ollie
    No real advice here since we are in the same boat lol

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    Noll used to be the traditional nickname for Oliver (like Nell for Ellen, Nan for Anne).

    Liv, Livie
    Ver, Very

    depending of the middle name, you could come up with more varied names: Oliver Benjamin "Obie", Oliver Thomas "Otto", Oliver Zachary "Ozzie"...

    another opton is a word nickame like Ace, Bear, Buddy, etc.
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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