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    Same first letters as surname - sound too familiar?

    The name Oscar is high on our list - but our surname starts with Os (prononounced Oz).

    Is the Oss - Oz sound a combination that is different enough to work? (note we are Australian - so the pronounciation should be distinct).

    My husband, his father and grandfather, regardless of their given names, all carry the nickname Oz, so we joke that no matter what we call our sons, they will be known as Oz anyway.

    We don't know anyone called Oscar to have observed whether the name is usually shortened to Osc, Oss, or Oz - or if there is another variation we could use.

    I wonder whether the name appeals to us because it is a familiar sound - has any one else fallen for this when naming their children?

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    I think it's a bit too much dear. There's only so much Oz-sounding.

    With my late husband and I, we both knew we had to name our son Edward, although he goes by Ned. There are have been so many Edwards in his family and most often go my middle or nicknames. If you're going for a tradition dear, make it traditional. I'd go full-throttle and raise your head up to history.

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    It's hard to tell for sure without knowing the whole last name, but I would lean towards saying that the sounds are too similar. I knew a little boy named Oskar, and no one ever used a shortened form as a nickname, they always used his full name. But the nickname Oz makes me think of Seth Green in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I think is pretty nifty (yes, I'm a dork).

    Mama to Quentin Charles, born July 4!

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    My first thought was Oscar Oswald and that just seems like too much for me personally....

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