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    Daniel is a little boring, however, it is strong and timeless. I prefer the crazier name coming first, but I think ancient, classic names like Daniel, David, Jacob, Matthew, etc., are really great in both the first and middle position, because they ground guilty-pleasure names so well. Daniel Atlas is great! Add it to your list.

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    Thank you again all! I am going to add Daniel Atlas to my list, I definitely needed something like this to freshen up my classics.

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    I'm in AUS and work in a smallish daycare centre. We currently have a Dan, a Daniel and a Danny. However, if you love the name, I see no reason not to use it. Your little boy will never be the only Daniel running around, but in my opinion, when deciding to use a popular name, far better for it to be a strong and elegant classic like Daniel than something über trendy that will date. Selecting a distinctive middle would be a nice way to liven things up if you feel Daniel is a little conservative

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    Daniel is a beautiful, strong choice. As your son will no doubt be

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    We named our son Daniel, and at the time I thought we would be coming across many Daniels as he grew. He is now almost 3 and we have yet to meet another Daniel in his age group or younger (we know a few teenage and older ones). Meanwhile we know a million Leos, Jacks and Henrys. Even in his whole preschool there is not a single other Daniel. So those rankings only mean so much...

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