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    Daniel is the name of my recently passed father and it served him well for his nearly 80 years. He had no complaints about its popularity and loved that fact that he was named for his great grandfather who had immigrated from Ireland. As his name sake, my Dad inherited his great grandfathers citizenship papers from 1852 which I now have. The bottom line is my Dad loved his name because it was solid, historic and had an interesting story behind it. He also felt he had dodged a bullet because the other name my grandparents considered was Cornelius.

    Daniel works and, if you love it and communicate to your child why, he is likely to love it too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mars View Post
    Mommydearest, I hope this won't seem out of line, but I had also taken your posts in here as trolling and then I thought to check your other posts, some of which read as quite sincere. I'm wondering if perhaps English isn't your first language or you are not used to internet communications (or both), but on the off-chance that you're not trying to be rude/condescending, you should know that your consistent use of 'sweetie', 'dear' and 'darling' do make many of your posts read that way. Forums can be a bit tricky with tone because you can't read the other person's body language.
    Thanks @mars, you said just the things I should have said to mommydearest. I am hoping no-one will have any troubles with understanding each other and realizing that you are responsible for your words even on Internet anymore.

    I appreciate every comment and want to say thanks to ladies who replied. I am glad that, in general, you were honest but respectful and helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lo View Post
    I was just thinking that this reminds me of Sarah which has recently risen to the top of my girl's list. I feel like that should eliminate it but somehow Sarah feels like my daughter. By the way feberin, I love your kids names.
    Thanks! I love your kids names as well. My husband really loves the name Sarah so I know that's what he would want to use if we had another daughter.

    I love the idea of little black dresses of baby names. Those are the names that I tend to like the most.
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    I love Daniel! Honestly, I wouldn't be worried about Daniel being too popular. At number 11, there were only 14,143 little Daniels born (compare that to 22,158 for Sophia at number 1!), and when you average it out per state, there's only about 283 Daniels per state born. I can't say for you, but for my state, there are 67 counties, so that averages out to about 4 Daniels born in each county. On top of that, there are usually about 20 public school districts per county (from the research I've done for others, anyway), and this doesn't even count home schools, charter schools, private-but-not religious schools, Catholic schools, or Christian-but-not-Catholic private schools (there are probably just as many of those as there are public school options per county, I would imagine...). So that's about one Daniel per every 5 schools, for each year in school. So it would average that there will be about 2.5 Daniels per each public school district--probably half of that when you take into consideration private school options. If you're worried about your son being stuck as "Daniel H." or whatever, I don't think you would have to worry too much (although there could be a fluke, you never know!), but if you're more worried about having a name that everyone finds fresh and new and unexpected, then yeah, Daniel's probably not it. It's a great name, though, and while I adore Danny and think it's adorable (and I so would use it myself if I ever used Daniel up front!), if you want something to make Daniel fresher, you might opt for Dane or Niall/Neil instead?

    Out of curiosity, what movie is this? I remember I truly fell in love with Daniel after watching Ugly Betty--I still miss my regular Daniel Meade fix.

    Honestly, I love the little-black-dress-name-for-guys image, and I agree that Daniel fits that bill completely! I wouldn't say Daniel was shocking (there's no way, it's been popular for far too long!), but I think of the most refreshing type of little boy/guy, and would literally be jubilant to meet a little Daniel (especially a Danny!), and I think you could really spice it up with a great MN. Daniel Arthur was my first idea, but that's rather on the classic side. Maybe something like Daniel Rainier or Daniel Auguste or Daniel Philippe or Daniel Caspian... I also used to really adore Daniel Henry, but that's quite on the classic side.

    Good luck!
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    Both. I have never been able to love Daniel even thought I feel like I should.

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