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    I love Daniel (it's also a family surname)! And since there are a few variations (Dan, Danny), I doubt the kid would ever have to use an initial (like all the poor Aidens and Jaxons in 5 years).

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    Quote Originally Posted by basicsand View Post
    Daniel will likely be one of three Daniels in his kindergarten class and even more so in his graduating class and workplace. He'll likely be differentiated by his last initial ("No, I'm Daniel O. He's Daniel J.").
    I am so sick of hearing things like this. Quite frankly, it's just not true. The year I was born, there were 24,378 girls named Emily. Do you know how many times I was one of three Emilys in my class? Never. I had another Emily in class with me maybe five times my entire school career. Do you how many boys were named Daniel in 2012? 14,143. Yeah, so a boy named Daniel today is even less likely to be in class with another Daniel as I was with another Emily. If you evenly disperse the 2012 Daniels amongst all 50 states, that leaves you with about 283 Daniels per state. One of three Daniels in his kindergarten class... ha!

    All of that said, Daniel is timeless. I've met Daniels of all ages, and it's suited all of them perfectly. Daniel is a handsome name, and Danny has a retro cool vibe about it that I like. There is nothing wrong with common names. A person makes the name, not the other way around.

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    A bit of both, honestly.
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    I just named my little boy Daniel. He will be three months old next week. I love the sound of Daniel. It's a popular name for a reason. It's just a nice name. All popular names are nice names. What's wrong with that? I'll never understand what people seem to have against popular names. There's nothing wrong them. It seems kind of snobby to say "I don't want my kid to be known as Daniel K!" I have a popular first name, and did sometimes go by my last initial, but it was hardly detrimental to my psyche. Acutally, it's been my experience that kids really like meeting others who share the same name. It's like an instant friendship, a bond, an ice breaker. If you like Daniel... Use it.
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    Basicsand is WAY exaggerating and clearly out of touch. I'm a substitute elementary school teacher and I have NEVER had a class with more than 1 Daniel. I don't even encounter 1 Daniel every day. My sister, also a teacher, named her son Daniel because it's refreshingly not made up and you don't hear it too often. I'm sure it depends on where you live, but I find it a lot more problematic and confusing when a class has, for example, Aiden, Aidan, Brayden, Jayden, Bryceton, and Creighton. Stuff like this happens a lot.

    Basicsand has a list called The New John and Mary which includes many other names that I also practically never hear anymore. I can't even remember the last time I met a little Samantha or Amanda, for example. I have only taught a class with 2 Emilys once. The newer popular names are more problematic (Madison, Isabella, etc.), especially because there are so many sound alike names as well (lots of names shorten to Maddy and there are lots of other Belle/Bella names, too).

    I sort of when off on a tangent there, but I really don't think you need to worry about the popularity of a name, especially when it's a classic like Daniel. When we were growing up, the top 10 names really meant something, but now there are SO MANY names being used the top 10 is just a small fraction. I'm not saying your Daniel would never meet another Daniel, because he certainly would, but it's not going to be the traumatic experience some people on here make it out to be. Most kids think it's cool.

    That being said, Daniel isn't my favorite classic boys name, but I do associate it with positive things. It's biblical, it's my nephew's name, my daughter's favorite tv show is called Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (it's an adorable animated spin off of Mister Rogers). Most of the Daniels I've met have been people with good senses of humor. I'd be happy to meet another young Daniel.

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