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    Boring and uninteresting or classic and timeless?

    The name is Daniel. I have always felt so-so about it but after watching a movie with the main character called Daniel, I changed my mind. All the Daniels I know in real life are either children or weird young guys but this character was so skillfull, smart and very handsome too. Now that's what I think about the name and it's a lovely association.
    Daniel is now just outside Top 10 at number 11. I don't really like this fact because I tend to love less popular names so usually the popularity issues are out but not in this situation. The nickname I like, Danny, is also nothing outstanding.
    So do you think Daniel would be a boring choice? I don't try to seem creative or unique but, on the other hand, I'd not like people to think I named my son this because I couldn't think of any other names and went with one of the most heard of or copied somebody(and there will always be a plenty of other Daniels nearby).
    I am not expecting or TTC but I need some thoughts to decide whether to add Danny to my list or not. If I use it, I will most likely pair it with more distinctive middle name. Thank you for replies.

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    It may be popular, but I love the name Daniel. I don't find it boring at all, plus the Biblical Daniel is a great namesake. I'd definitely have it on my list if it weren't my uncle's name.
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    Daniel will likely be one of three Daniels in his kindergarten class and even more so in his graduating class and workplace. He'll likely be differentiated by his last initial ("No, I'm Daniel O. He's Daniel J."). If you do a search on the Social Security name site, it's been one of the top 10 first names for the past two decades. It's the most common D naming beating out long stalwart David yearly. If having a really common name doesn't bother, I'd proceed with caution.
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    Both. Daniel isn't an extraordinarily common choice where I live, so I haven't met many myself. I would do a double take on your creativity, but I would compliment you on your taste. It is significantly better than most 'trendy' names I hear now, and I prefer it to a lot of other 'timeless classics.'

    Also, I've always thought it would be cool to do Daniel nn Niel. Just a side note.
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    I like it. I love the pp's suggestion of David (and that's a family name), but Daniel's a solid choice.

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