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    How would you pronounce Lela?

    Lay-lah, Lee-lah, Leh-lah? I'm not sure which. Also what do you think of Lela?

    Thank you,
    Ellie xx
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    I would pronounce it "Lee-lah". I don't like it as much as "Layla". Which I do pronounce "Lay-lah".

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    I would be unsure but I think I would guess Lee-lah because of it's similarity to Lena/Leda... Also because my sister is Leila prn lay-lah, so I would think it different from Leila/Layla. I think it's cute tho!

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    I lean toward "LAY-lah," but I believe the actress Lela Rochon pronounces it LEE-la. This is one of those names where I'd make my best guess and be prepared to be corrected.

    It's nice enough, but I'm growing tired of all these names that are so heavy with Ls (Lily, Leila, Lila, Lillian, Lola, and so on). No matter the pronunciation, I'd call Lela pretty, but not a standout name.
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    I'd pronounce it Lee-lah. If you want Lay-lah, I'd go with Layla or Leila to make it more distinctive.
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