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    'Sassy' may not be common usage but I feel confident that the Brits are not as wholly ignorant as you are hoping cassandrah. I am a dual UK/Aus citizen and have lived there for years cumulatively, and feel a 'Sassy' would be marked by that name in many circles. You can only get away with a name like that in the media >.> Cherry, Pixie...all that stuff, but she might want a proper job and the people who matter would notice, this would make it a less than ideal choice IMO. Social mobility doesn't have to happen, but I would always wish to give kids the best chance to be whatever they want. However, if you are from the upper class feel free to ignore this, as they can get away with whatever they want and my peasant opinions are just those ;-)
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    I agree with the others. Even if it's not used much in the UK, it's still a word and in the dictionary. There was even a Korean movie called My Sassy Girl (as well as an American remake), so it's definitely known as a word. I agree with others to use a name like Saskia with Sassy as a nickname.
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    I like it as a nn for Susannah. An alternative could be Sadie.
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    I think it's cute, but no matter where you live the poor little girl will get teased. You must be very young. I think you might grow out of this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by essjay View Post
    As a Brit, I don't think it's usable here. Think how many US imports we get - TV, books, films, music. It's a word everyone will know what it means even if it's not used here on a daily basis. I know cutesy sounding nicknames are in but Sassy isn't a name, it's a word and a descriptive one at that. How about Saskia nn Sassy? You can use the nickname informally but she's got something less awkward to grow up with.
    Yes. This exactly.

    I'd be shocked if someone didn't know what sassy means. But Saskia is a great suggestion- my old school friend is Saskia nn Sas/Sassy and it works much better that way.

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