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    I'm sure in Britain they know what that word means. I'm not American, but honestly... It sounds like a name someone would use on toddlers & tiaras.
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    Quote Originally Posted by essjay View Post
    ...I know cutesy sounding nicknames are in but Sassy isn't a name, it's a word and a descriptive one at that. How about Saskia nn Sassy? You can use the nickname informally but she's got something less awkward to grow up with.
    I agree with this. Great suggestion.

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    My aunt was called Sassy by her family. Now that the kids are all older she goes exclusively by her given name, Kathy. It's weird to picture an adult with such a childish nickname.
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    It's a clown. No, literally, my aunt was a clown for her own business when I was little and she went by the name of Sassy. Sassy the Clown.

    This one is nickname only territory. Just say no.
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    I think it can work as a nick name, but I would not use it as a given name.. Even if where you live you don't hear the word, you should take into consideration that you have no clue what the future may hold for your daughter... she may travel, and I thin that would be a difficult name to be taken serious with....
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