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    Seeing as you have Leela and Lilia, may I put Lelia forward as well? A very real and very classic name as well as right in the middle of two of your favourites :-)

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    Luella - Love this but prefer it as a middle name
    Rosella - Too much of a smush for me. I prefer Rosalie
    Marta - Lovely
    Noelia - Eh.
    Leela - Leila (lay-la) sounds prettier to me
    Magnolia - I'm not a fan of it
    Keeley - I prefer the Keely spelling but it's a nice name and ages well
    Junia - One of my favorite longer June names
    Livia - I prefer Olivia
    Beatrice - Lovely
    Inez - I don't care for it but there's nothing "wrong" with it.
    Genevieve - I don't see what the fuss is about
    Hazel - Gorgeous
    Lilia - Stunning
    Betsy - Prefer it as a nickname for Elizabeth.
    Matisse - No.
    Calais - No.
    Jacqueline - Feels dated to me. Most of the Jackie's I know are in their late 40's to 50's.
    Henrietta - Pretty.

    Frost - As in Jack Frost? Doesn't feel like a name.
    Arlo - Nice.
    Mordecai - It could work on the right kid.
    Henri - I prefer Henry (obviously). I cannot stand the sound of the French pronunciation.
    Keats - Eh.
    Guthrie - NO.
    Solomon - It's not bad.
    Hugo - I WANT to like it but all I think of when I see/say it is huge.
    Orion - I like it.
    Mathison - NO.
    Kason - Way too trendy compared to the other names on your list.
    Zebulon - Eh.
    Porter - Not a fan.
    Flynn - Love it.
    Jacob - It's nice.
    Rupert - I like it.
    Maxwell - One of my favorite Max- names.
    Julius - Awesome.
    Davis - Not a fan.
    Charles - Cannot get behind it but I don't mind it as a given name for Charlie.
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    I like to rate, so I’m going to tackle this list that way! 3 being neutral.

    Magnolia (4/5)
    Livia (4/5)
    Genevieve (4/5)
    Lilia (4/5)
    Noelia (4/5)
    Luella (3/5)
    Hazel (3/5)
    Junia (3/5)
    Rosella (3/5)
    Leela (3/5)
    Jacqueline (2/5)
    Keely (2/5)
    Inez (2/5)
    Henrietta (1/5)
    Marta (1/5)
    Betsy (1/5)
    Matisse (1/5)
    Calais (1/5)

    Davis (5/5)
    Flynn (5/5)
    Maxwell (5/5)
    Julius (5/5)
    Porter (4/5)
    Charles (4/5)
    Jacob (4/5)
    Arlo (4/5)
    Frost (4/5) – Only as a middle name, however.
    Orion (3/5) – Ditto
    Solomon (3/5)
    Kason (3/5)
    Henri (2/5) – I see nothing wrong with Henry, though
    Rupert (2/5)
    Keats (2/5)
    Mathison (2/5)
    Hugo (1/5)
    Mordecai (1/5)
    Guthrie (1/5)
    Zebulon (1/5)

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    Marta, Keeley, Beatrice, Lilia, Matisse, Calais, Jacqueline

    Frost, Orion, Flynn, Maxwell

    Those are the ones I would keep for starters.

    I would love to meet a:

    Marta Beatrice
    Jacqueline Keeley

    Orion Flynn
    Maxwell Frost

    My favorites are Frost and Marta overall though

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    Luella - Has a lot of vintage spunk
    Rosella - reminds me of rubella virus (German measles).
    Marta - I knew a woman named Marta who spelled it this way (she was of Ukrainian heritage). I like this spelling rather than the more clunkier sounding Martha. Marta just sounds "lighter".
    Noelia - Too frilly.
    Leela - I prefer Leila (lay-la).
    Magnolia - I like this name better in the middle spot after a short fn (eg. Jane Magnolia)
    Keeley - I have an irrational aversion to "K" names (especially ones that say their Irish and the spellings are not)
    Junia - A rare Biblical gem that's feminine but not overly frilly
    Livia - I love this Italian beauty.
    Beatrice - I slightly prefer the older Latin version of Beatrix but this name is fine too.
    Inez - I don't care for this spelling. I do love Ines because I think it's softer.
    Genevieve - One of my favourite French names for a girl.
    Hazel - Ok but it's not my favourite colour or nature name.
    Lilia - See Noelia
    Betsy - As a full name, it's too cutesy to age well.
    Matisse - Sounds pretentious even if you can appreciate the artists work.
    Calais - Unless this French place name has some special meaning for you, I would take a pass.
    Jacqueline - Ok but "dated".
    Henrietta - Clunky. I prefer Harriet nn Hattie.

    Frost - Better in the middle spot.
    Arlo - I love names ending in "o".
    Mordecai - A cumbersome Biblical name.
    Henri - I prefer Henry. Unless you're French, the French pronunciation may sound pretentious.
    Keats - See Frost.
    Guthrie - See Frost. And definitely can't have an Arlo and a Guthrie in the same family!
    Solomon - It's long but I still think it's more useable than Mordecai.
    Hugo - I WANT to like it but all I think of when I see/say it is huge.
    Orion - I like this name alot and I can see it for a fn or a mn choice.
    Mathison - Too surnamey. If it's a family name, use it in the middle spot.
    Kason - Yikes! Too trendy by far! Cason is bad enough but the "K" really turns me off.
    Zebulon - A cool Biblical rarity.
    Porter - I prefer it in the middle spot.
    Flynn - Has a lot of Irish spirit.
    Jacob - It's nice but overpopular for ages.
    Rupert - One of my favourite names that sound "oh so British".
    Maxwell - Love it.
    Julius - I prefer Julian but Julius is majestic too!
    Davis - I prefer David. Davis would be ok in the middle spot if it's a family name.
    Charles - A classic, traditional choice and I love the nn Charlie.
    All the best,

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