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Thread: Miranda

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    Just after everyone's thoughts and opinions on the name Miranda.. Dated or timeless? Thanks

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    I wouldn't call it timeless, but I don't find it dated either. I really like Miranda and the meaning is awesome.
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    I like Miranda, but don't love it. I just personally think there are other shakespearean names that are more lovely. I agree with Dindlee, that I wouldn't call it dated..but I wouldn't call it "timeless" either.

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    I don't know where you are, but there's a British comedian named Miranda Hart who's had a recent TV comedy show called Miranda. It's my first thought on hearing the name, though it may be because my sister is obsessed with it and has the DVDs. I don't know if it's shown elsewhere but it's pretty well-known over here.

    Viewing the name without association, I think it's a nice enough name but I agree with PP that there are nicer Shakespearian names. I would put it more into dated than timeless category only because I don't know of any young Mirandas, they're all 30+.

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    I have always been partial to Miranda. It's so lovely. I don't think it was ever popular enough to feel dated.

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