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    It depends on the pronunciation. Like the Spanish last name, it's a bit more unisex. If you think of it like Marin County, I'd say it leans more towards the feminine side.
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    The Marin spelling feels more unisex, while Maren is decidedly female.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theclocktowerofjoy View Post
    In Croatia, Marin is all-male name, but I can see both American boy and American girl with this name.
    Yes, that's where my cousins' father is from

    Quote Originally Posted by emsky View Post
    I thought it was a girl name. A friend's daughter is named Marin (in the US).
    That's why I thought I'd ask because I see it mentioned a few times on Nameberry. But I could picture it on a little boy (since its a family name - in my eyes.) Plus Marina is actually the feminisation of Marin or Marinus as it was originally coined. So I don't understand it being consider a girl's name especially with the pronounciation MAH-rin. Marin's history spans generations of being used for men, such as Marin Boucher (A French Pioneer) and Marin Barleti (who was a historian and priest.) Plus its a saint's name.
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    Marin is a girls name... I cant see it on a boy at all

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    Marin is boy (or unisex maybe) with Marina as the feminization. Maren, on the other hand, is all girl.

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