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    Question Marin - Unisex or all girl?

    I am just curious how you, all perceive this name. Its actually my cousins' last name; but I see them very rarely and to me its always been all boy. So I noticed that when I search it on Nameberry it comes as being a full-fledged girl name. Anyway, what do you think? It's just when I hear it all I can think of is "mariner."
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    Neither. To me it's completely masculine.

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    In Croatia, Marin is all-male name, but I can see both American boy and American girl with this name.
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    I thought it was a girl name. A friend's daughter is named Marin (in the US).

    Update: My friend's daughter's name may actually be spelled Maren. :/ My bad...
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    Well, I know it's a male name in several languages, but it always makes me think of Marin County, CA, so that gives it a more unisex feel for me. I'd be more surprised to meet a male Marin at home in the US than I would while traveling through Europe. I don't know how I'd classify it, really. Situationally unisex?

    Maren, which you have listed in your sig as a boy name, is "all girl, all the time" to me.
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