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    Help! Need a middle name for 1 day old Elke


    I'm now in proud possession of a stunning one day old baby girl named Elke. Problem is we can't agree on a middle name. Never really found the right 'one'. We're holding off officially announcing her name until we have the full kit and kaboodle so any assistance would be appreciated. Would prefer 1 or 3 syllables, liking the old school kinda vintage/hipster style without being too 'happening'. Stylish but not THE thing.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, I want to tell people our daughter's name!

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    Congratulations! Elke is a stunning name, i'm so happy to see it used. Since its a lovely short and sweet name, i'd go for a 3 syllable name:
    Elke Susannah (i LOVE this!)
    Elke Josephine
    Elke Tabitha
    Elke Rosalie
    Or if you want a short mn, Elke Pearl would be delightful!
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    Rose is currently on trend for a mn, but how about these lovely three syllable alternatives? (though they don't mean rose)


    Elke Rosalind sounds lovely to me.

    Rosalind has the added layer of awesome from it's association with Rosalind Franklin

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