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    I keep coming back to see if OP has posted some examples of the off-putting usernames on here. I don't think I've ever seen a username that I've thought twice about to be honest!

    The big secret about my username is, well, it's my name :P. And a band reference for the numbers.

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    mine is also a nickname that resulted from an inside joke with a friend. definitely not chosen to impress anyone!

    most members are not experts, and advice/opinions are subjective. some help some, some help others. it's all about variety of perspectives, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smismar View Post
    My user name is a reference to a Futurama episode that I've used since I was wedding planning years ago. It has absolutely nothing to do with naming.
    I love that...DH and is use that as a pet name and von von roo (or however it's spelled) lol.

    I really don't think you can judge people by a username unless it is downright offensive. Mine is a Dr. Suess play on one of my nicknames (I am Sam I am)

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    I've been a fan of Linda and Pam's books ever since I got the 1994 edition of Beyond Jennifer & Jason and have most, if not all, of their books. Yes, I have both versions of Cool Names and such. Ever since high school, I found their books useful for writing. Anyway, my name choices have evolved since then and sometimes I don't agree with even them like on the name Barnaby.

    I totally hear you when taking advice on these forums. When it comes to naming, I'd often listen more to parents who've actually dubbed their kids those names or even people that deal with children like nurses or teachers. I'm not sure that former teen self would've been so happy with names now of Jack, Isabel, Rose, and Henry. So sometimes I find it interesting too the names sometimes suggested often parallel a username that's just not my style.

    What I find most helpful is when people give me the reasons behind why they make the suggestions that they do. It's so easy to say something like I prefer Charlotte over Edna and dismiss the Jaydens of this world. Just because a lot of posters say so, it may not work for you personally. I know it's limiting in this space to discuss how you came to your naming conclusions but the methodology of your style should seem sound.
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    My username is pretty much what it says...
    Vegas- Though I don't live in Vegas and I have never been, it holds a special place in my heart. And not because of the "entertainment".
    Country Girl- I like country music and I wish that I lived in the country. The city is just too noisy and busy...

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