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    Mine is my childhood nickname, so I also don't see how that fits into your theory.
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    sunshine kid Guest
    Well mine is pretty random. No reference to my life whatsoever, only that it sounds quite positive.

    But yes I wonder what kind of usernames you find off putting.

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    I agree that a lot of the usernames are based on real-life names/nicknames/professions/hobbies/locations; some are just random to protect privacy, some are favorite names. Personally, I signed up on a whim and never even thought I would come back after the first round of questions I posted. I wonder how many others did that same thing and just entered something dumb, and then got hooked. And sometimes trolls come around and pick something offensive on purpose, and proceed to post rude comments, just for their own twisted entertainment.

    If you don't like a user's advice and you find their username is offensive, then disregard their opinion. Or block them. Go to that user's profile page and click on, "Add to Ignore List." I've never used that feature, but I assume it works.

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    I'm not too sure how I came up with mine. "Ciottolo" means 'pebble' in Italian, and I suppose I just liked the sound.

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    My user name is a reference to a Futurama episode that I've used since I was wedding planning years ago. It has absolutely nothing to do with naming.
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