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Thread: Baby name help!

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    Baby name help!

    My husband and I are expecting our second child in just a couple of weeks and its a boy! We have a 6 year girl name Poppy and we are struggling to come up with a name for him. We want something strong but not to weird. I'm struggling because Poppy is not very common and it fits her so well. I've been told so many times how perfect it is for her. Now I feel like everyone's waiting for me to come up with something great for him too and I'm blank. Right now my daughter is calling him Jack so that's our back up. I don't hate it, I'm just not sold.

    Any ideas would be great!!!

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    I love Jack! Also, Holden, Harrison, Declan, Dylan, Xavier, Claude, Pax (meaning peace), Alexios, Cashel (Celtic castle or fortress), Elisha, Elijah, Humphrey, Jameson, and Gabriel.

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    Why don't you look at the Unusual Names list? What strikes me with such a floral name for your daughter, you could go with a word name for your son. It doesn't have to be a tree name but I'd dig through the list like Minerals and such.
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    I love how your daughters name is Poppy! I have personally never been a fan of Jack but if you like that what about Jax? Gives it a differnt vibe Other suggestions:
    Owen and Poppy
    Asher and Poppy
    Flynn and Poppy
    Hudson and Poppy
    Jude and Poppy
    Zane and Poppy
    Finn and Poppy
    August and Poppy
    Emmett and Poppy
    Lionel and Poppy
    Everest and Poppy
    Sylvan and Poppy
    Forest and Poppy
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    I love Jack, but what about:

    Names I enjoy:

    Girls: Lucy, Elena, Lake, Sylvie

    Boys: Jack, Eamon, Sylvan, Theo

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