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Thread: The Weld Twins

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    The Weld Twins

    Hello all,

    Friends of mine are having boy-girl twins. Their surname starts with a W and is one syllable, Weld. First, to have a less monotone syllable count, they're having differing syllables for each part of their name. Since there won't be a 1-1-1 or 1-2-1, they're considering 2-3-1 or 3-2-1. Second, they obviously don't want initials that spell anything like AWE or OLE.

    They've chosen the likely possibility of Duncan Frederick Weld (DFW) with a 2-3-1 count. On another post, we tried to figure out why the name Gwyneth Mercedes Weld (GMW) also 2-3-1 didn't work and came up with clashing styles of each for the first and last name. Here are some names they've bounced off either for a first or middle name:

    3 syllables: Adrienne, Annabel, Clarissa, Claudia, Francesca, Mercedes, Meredith, Natalya,

    2 syllables: Celia, Dixie, Esme, Gwyneth, Laurel, Mara, Simone, Willa

    Obviously, they don't want anything to spell with their W starting one syllable last name. Please let me know what sort of combos you come up with and most importantly why it works for you. Thanks for your help and God bless.
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    You should nix Adrienne and Annabel since starting with a vowel would likely spell something in the middle name place. ?-A-W

    I wouldn’t double having the same initials for first and middle. No Celia Clarissa or Celia Claudia or Mara Mercedes or Mara Meredith.

    You’re looking at leaning toward Francesca and Natalya as middle names then. So, I’d eliminate any –a ending first names for redundancy. No Celia, Mara, or Willa.

    Also, I’d cross out Francesca since her brother has Frederick as his middle name. You don’t want them to have the too similar initials. That would only leave Natalya as a middle name.

    Dixie Natalya Weld
    Esme Natalya Weld
    Gwyneth Natalya Weld
    Laurel Natalya Weld
    Simone Natalya Weld

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    Minds have been changed the middle name to consider is Edison for the son as well. (blank) Edison Weld. Here are the possible first names

    Callum Edison Weld (CEM?)
    Duncan Edison Weld (DEW?)
    Fletcher Edison Weld (FEW?)
    Harry Edison Weld (HEW?)
    Lucian Edison Weld (LEW?)
    Theo Edison Weld (TEW?)
    Turner Edison Weld (")

    Any combos for the girl twin would still be appreciated.
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    I have a nephew named Callum. When I first heard it, I didn't like it. Now, I love it. It sounds very cute with Edison. Plus, with Callum Edison Weld, CEM isn't a word. So that works for their rule.
    As for a girl name, I like Gwyneth Mercedes Weld. GMW-Not a word.
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    @mommydearest - Although I appreciate all the methodology, I wouldn't limit some choices so quickly. I often miss the redundancy in the beginning and ending sounds of words (Celia Francesca/-a endings or Adrienne Esme/ending e- w/beginning e-).

    @veequiles - LOL. Gwyneth Mercedes Weld was the first choice and I actually posted on another post in this form why it sounded off. Others came up with that the style didn't match.
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