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    Firstly, it seems like noun + verb. Second, with both having the same syllables there's a monotone quality especially if you have a 2 syllable last name (ex Roman Prosper Johnson) having a 2-2-2 count. Why don't you go with a one or three syllable middle depending on your surname.
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    Quote Originally Posted by celianne View Post
    I'm not too big on the middle name, but I love Roman! The combo makes me think 'Romans, Prosper!' It has a good flow but prosper isn't a name to me.
    This is exactly what I was thinking.
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    Roman is very sexy, I like it a lot! I'm not crazy about Roman Prosper though, for the reason clever Celianne said. Roman Prospero would be cool though.
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    I love how Prospero was mentioned@elliebean! I am actually loving that a lot more than Prosper. I think it adds a cool vibe to the name Roman which I love right now and have never met one IRL so i am not worried about popularity. I had know idea this name exists. I love it and am totally sold!

    @Ottilie- thank you! I am loving all your names for your future little one btw
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    I like Roman, but not keen on Prospero. But if you love it, use it. I assume it has some nice meaning?
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