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Thread: Boaz it is!

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    Boaz it is!

    I've posted in the birth announcements, but wanted to pop over here and say a big thank you to the berries who gave their thoughts and advice in my previous posts about naming our fourth son.

    He's arrived safe and sound and, in the end, DH and I were able to agree on naming him Boaz Geoffrey Mekonnen. Boaz was my first choice and the suggestions and feedback from this board really helped to solidify it for me and also gave both of us lots of food for thought as we explored other options.

    Thanks again lovely berries
    Happily married to a fabulous but completely-not-interested-in-names guy.

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    Congratulation on boy #4! I absolutely adore the name Boaz. It's a great one.
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    You got your Boaz!! I'm so happy for you! I'm glad to hear he is safe and sound. Congrats and good luck

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    Oh my goodness, this makes me more happy than you can imagine! I adore Boaz, and I'm hoping in the coming years before I can use it it gets a bit more love. Boaz Geoffrey Mekonnen is amazing!
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