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    Crowd control on my Girls List

    Well as an obvious side-effect of playing around on here, my name lists have gotten out of control!
    Of course I have the long list of ones I "like" and those that could never actually "work" for me for various reasons...
    but my Top Ten continues to get constantly lengthier and then modified back into a new order so now I've become curious. I am not pregnant so this is all just for fun but I'd like opinions on 5 of my top 10 girl's names. I know everyone likes to pair up middles also, so if you want those options, it is a choice between Harry Potter names (Lily, Luna, Lavender). These, lovely as they are, will only be used in the middle spot. I wonder which one(s) in your opinion sound the best alongside Dominic. Thanks and have fun! =]

    Mya, Sydney, Julie/Julia, Elena, Kate/Katherine
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    With classic Dominic, I like Julia, Katherine, and Elena best

    Julia Lavender
    Katherine Lily or Luna Katherine
    Elena Katherine, Elena Kate

    Julia Lavender is just gorgeous- normally I wouldn't like the two l sounds so close together, but here it *really* works!

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    I'm having the same problem! My list just keeps growing and growing!

    I think Kate, Katherine, Julia or Elena would be great with Dominic. I'd pick Elena Lily or Kate Lavender.

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    My two favorites are Katherine and Elena. Love them! For pairs, I really like Elena Lily and Katherine Lavender.
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    Dominic and Elena are the best pair, then Katherine, then Julie or Mya. The rest just don't feel right to me.
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