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    Abigail- Abi
    Adaline - Ada
    Adrienne - Ren
    Analiese - Ana
    Alanna - Aly or Ana
    Amabel - Bel or Mab
    Amelia - Mel or Lia (though amelia may be too close to your name)
    Athena - Ann
    Beverly - Bev
    Camilla - Mia
    Cassandra - Cas
    Catherine - Rin or Cat
    Christina - Kit
    Delilah - Lil
    Evelyn - Eve
    Geneva - Gen
    Genevieve (english pronunciation)- Gen or Viv or Vie
    Helena - Ena
    Janessa - Nes or Jan
    Livana - Liv or Ana
    Lydia - Dia
    Melisande - Min
    Melinda - Min
    Sofia - Fia
    Winifred - Win
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    the rest of the boys

    Lyra Primrose, Amelia Hyacinth, Imogen Viola/ Magnus Frey, Dashiel Everhart, Morgan Escher
    the rest of my combos

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    I love Clementine! "My" Clementine is called Clem . I actually only realised now, her brother is called Dominic! That's probably why I thought they sounded so good together. My second favourite of the ones I mentioned is Meredith... I love Dominic & Meredith, that would be one of the finest named brother/sisters ever. I was selfish to mention Marian... but it's so beautiful!!! You've got lots of nice suggestions, I must admit I was crazy excited to see which ones you'd like as you're such a boy name girl!!
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    @Kibby: I have definitely noticed that we like a lot of the same names! I know it would be way easier to not make obscure nn rules, haha, but they are really only for my amusement. I just wanted to see what everyone could come up with. I absolutely love Lavender!

    @Mclola: Awesome list. Abigail, Camilla, and Cassandra are my favorites thanks!

    @Ottilie: Ah that makes sense, at least we know they'd work well together. Meredith is growing on me quite a bit right now! And Marian is of course lovely, so you're totally allowed to be selfish about it, hehe. A lot of these ladies' suggestions are really great though. I don't think I have the same drive to use the rules for a girl (And you know, also I'm never having any girls ) but I still really like 3 syllable names for both genders. Rosalie, Julia, Lavender are pretty much the only constants on my list. Fiona and Viola are sometimes on there because I love the vowel order. Plus all of the C names (Caroline, Cassandra, Cressida lol) but I'm never fully sure about any of them. Oh well. =]
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    Yeah... I'm sure that'll work out well for you. Only li'l boys running around. By the way, I also love Celeste (or Celestine, to make it a 3 syll name) and Emmeline. And Winifred too.
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