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    || Andrea || 23 || name obsessed ||
    Dahlia Juliette // Cassia Ondine // Elysia Celeste // Giselle Ariadne // Thalia Eve // Iris Aurelia // Theia Melisande/Seraphine // Leta Fleur // Azalea Camille // Veda Naomi // Milena Tess
    Alexander Atlas // Lucian Matteo // Caius Sebastian // Valentino Gabriel 'Valo' // Julian Fox // Orion Thomas // Leo Hadrian //

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    Fraternal twins run in my family. My oldest sister has two sets: Gabriel & Maxim, and Viveca & Jessamyn. My second older sister has one set: Anton & Adela. I'm pregnant with our fifth SINGLE boy, so no twins yet for me, but maybe in the future. I would love to have at least one set of twins!

    Safe sets:

    Grace Araminta Pearl and Lila Rosamund Opal
    Leonard Dominic James and Gilbert Sebastian George
    Grace Araminta Pearl and Gilbert Sebastian George

    Realistically, all four, and soon to be five, of our boys have bibical names that we love, and one middle name from family. So, even my safe sets don't match, but I love all those names!

    Guilty pleasure sets:

    Ursula Katharina Juno and Illyria Marguerite Ivy
    Tarquin Augustus Edward and Horatio Ulysses William
    Illyria Marguerite Ivy and Horatio Ulysses William

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    Viveca Irie & Silas Finnegan

    Viveca Irie & Gloria Sky

    Silas Finnegan & Lionel Desmond

    ETA: Just noticed the above poster's comment. How ironic that you have a niece named Viveca! Just put my Viveca combo together last week and it's the only name that feels exactly "right" for my hypothetical next girl. Pretty much in love/set on my girl and boy combos, so let's hope DH feels the same!
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    {Momma of Fiona Ryann & Michael Quentin & Sylvie Marion}

    Eulalie, Viveca, Gloria, Rosalie, Leila, Annabel, Irie, Daisy, Xaviera, Maeve
    Silas, Finnegan, Desmond, Ezra, Cedric, Felix, Lionel, Lazarus, Kai, Xavier


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    My names wouldn't change much.

    Gabriel Brooks/Malachy Jude
    Margery Wren/Eleanor "Lena" Ivy
    Gabriel Brooks/Margery Wren

    Guilty pleasure would include some combination of:

    Hermione Marguerite
    Eugenie Adele
    Linus Pheonix
    Ignatius "Nate" Pax
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    Laura & Derek
    TTC 2017

    Adela | Althea | Eleanor | Evangeline
    Everett | Gabriel | Julian | Miles

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