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    With Roo, Husband (back then Boyfriend) just said it with a lot of um, ah, eh awkwardness in between the words.

    I told my mum on the phone, because she was annoying. For my sister, brother, BILS, great grandmothers and very close friends I did what Tara did (or rather, a romper which I embroidered Big Sister on) and sent them on a txt.
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    My family likes to do a big-to-do-about-nothing sort of affair. Not that being pregnant is nothing.
    Usually the person with something to tell slyly invites everyone over for brunch, Kaffeklatch (coffee and cake), or dinner and then has that meal be themed. We never come out and say thing like... "I got my first period" (yes, all the food was red and white and decorations had similar connotations), "we're engaged", or "I'm pregnant". It comes down to how observant everyone is. It's quite amusing because people will be 1/2 way through the meal look up and go "Oh, My, God! You're pregnant aren't you." All you got to say is "Yep!" and hand a little prize to the winner -> if you so like.

    Other friends of mine bought matching sneakers and toddler shoes and took a picture of their feet (including the dog's). With something like "we're expecting or it's a good thing we learned to count to ten." and sent it out via snail-mail to all the important people.

    i think the most important thing is that if you fear people might be on edge about how to feel about it - (it's how my mom felt when she had to tell her mom she was going to be a single parent and that she was pregnant all in one) - is letting them know in no uncertain terms how excited you are and that this is exactly what you want. You might even have to say it outright but lets face it, nobody really doesn't get excited about another person's child - unless they are worried you'll be overwhelmed or aren't ready/wanting it.
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    You berries had so many clever ideas! I feel like since our dogs are basically our children we would probably involve them some how or another! I love the bandanna idea. Its subtle enough and not super dramatic.

    @Ottilie- I honestly feel like that would be my boyfriend with the ums, eh, weird pauses! haha Once he gets nervous its totally over for him.

    Where any of you nervous to tell your family members?
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    I was super nervous telling my dad about Baby #2, because he has made several comments about what a big personality my daughter has, and how no younger child could possibly compete for attention. It's his own baggage - he's the younger brother of a very dynamic personality - but I was still dreading telling him. Best to just swallow the frog and get on with it in those types of situations, and make it *VERY* clear that YOU are excited, like Lexie suggested.
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