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    How did you tell family members you were expecting!?

    My boyfriend and I are TTC but I never thought about how we would tell our parents (main concern). Friends I feel is simple, "Hey! We are pregnant." But how did you tell your family members?

    Thanks in advance!
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    With #1, we just told them face to face. This time around, we employed a Big Sister t-shirt and just waited for them to notice Overdone, but the reactions were truly priceless.
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    I think it's all about personality! If you want a "drama" reveal how about having a the immediate family over for a themed dinner. I saw it on the Duggars show, but thought it was a great idea. They had all sorts of baby type foods- baby carrots, baby back ribs, etc. and then had the family guess what the theme was. If you want something more subtle how about just showing an ultra sound pic to family one by one. The news will spread quickly to outlying family and you will only have to share the news to those you feel comfortable sharing with.

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    We just told them... but 2 cute stories from family members:
    My cousin drew a picture that looked like a child's drawing of 2 "adult" stick figures and a little baby stick figure that said "We love you grandma". She framed it and gave it to her mother, gift-wrapped. My aunt opened the gift and wondered why her two older grand-children (from cousin's sister) had drawn such a childish drawing and why there were only 3 members in the family instead of 4. It took her a while to realize it was her 2nd daughter who was pregnant!

    best one: my DH's cousin took a photo of herself and her husband with "surprised" faces, standing in front of the oven. The oven door was open and there was a bread roll sitting on the rack. They posted it on facebook without any comment or description. Once one friend figured it out, there were lots of comments about the "bun in the oven".
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    I hit the 12 week mark on Christmas Eve, so we giftwrapped children's books ("Grandma Grandpa and Me" etc) and gave them to our parents.

    For friends we took a picture of our dog with a big brother bandana. (He's been our only child for a long time!)
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