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    I was nervous to tell my family, as I was not in a very serious relationship (they didn't know about it), in college, and had recently moved back in with my parents due to medical issues.

    I told my mom at the doctor's office, I asked her to drive me to an appointment and then told her in front of my doctor - part of the reason she was upset was because of medical issues - I needed to go off medication, and the doctor helped reassure her I would be ok. She was upset for a few minutes, but then said congratulations and gave me a hug, and quickly became VERY excited to be a grandma.

    I was probably even more nervous to tell my Dad...and when I told him I think he was shocked, he was dead silent for about a whole minute afterwards. He then asked me if I was going to keep the baby, and I said yes, and he said "that's cool". He was happy and supportive.

    SO's family was pretty much the same way. He didn't tell them until I was about 6 months pregnant (we didn't get back together until shortly before she was born), and the only thing they were upset about was that he didn't tell them sooner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletsway View Post
    You berries had so many clever ideas! I feel like since our dogs are basically our children we would probably involve them some how or another! I love the bandanna idea. Its subtle enough and not super dramatic.
    I still have a picture of him in his bandana up on the's hilarious how some people have to stop and think about it for a second but other dog people immediately get it.
    I ordered ours here:
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    Not pregnant for a long time but I've contemplated afew ideas. My MIL was an English teacher so we might send her a book that has "please read to me on/after (due date)." For my FIL I have no idea. Same with my parents.
    For a general announcement we might just do the "bun in oven" picture.

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    For my son we gave my father and stepmother one of those photo albums that stand up on their own like a frame that said Grandchildren on it and had individual pictures of all their grandchildren with an ultrasound picture in the back.

    For my daughter we put my son in a Big Brother in Training shirt and let him run around at Thanksgiving. My grandmother-in-law thought we were just letting our son wear his cousin who was already a big brother's shirt so we corrected her and announced it to everyone.
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    Man, all I did was call people on the phone after I got a couple of positive tests!
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