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    Build our list for baby #2!! :)

    We are expecting baby #2, and we do not yet know if the baby is a boy or a girl. So we are trying to create lists for both. I am really REALLY bad at picking boy's names. I just don't LOVE any boy's names I waited until after our first son was born to pick his name, and we went with Peter. I do really love his name, and I want to find a name for #2 that I love just as much! I also want to pick the name long before labor, so the pressure is on!

    We love strong, classic/traditional names. But I also like names that are not overused (e.g. Peter fits the bill perfectly!). Here are some names we have come up with. Please give thoughts and provide suggestions! Our last name is one syllable and the middle name will likely be John.

    Names husband and I both like:
    Adrian John (is Adrian too feminine??)
    Theodore John (nn. Ted/Teddy)
    George (but I do not like middle name John with this...)
    Nicholas John
    Calvin John
    Nathaniel John (probably will not use this as we have a Nathan in the family)
    Phillip John
    Christopher John (do not want nn Chris, though)

    Names I like but husband does not:
    Frederick John
    Joseph John
    Archer John (not my style, but I love it for some reason!)

    Thanks for your help!

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    Oh, and I also really like Felix!

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    I like Adrian, have you thought of Hadrian? Maybe too out there as a sibset with Peter. I think Theodore fits with Peter wonderfully as does Nicholas.
    But my favorite is Archer John! Stay strong, maybe the hubby will cave.
    TTC #1

    Favorites right now:

    Kathryn (Ryn) Mae

    Brooks (Brooksie) Flynn

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    I like most of your choices but as soon as I saw Nicholas I was done! It's perfect with Peter and they can both be shortened to simple yet still attractive forms like Pete and Nick. Nicholas John is a winner!

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