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    How much is too much name?

    Okay, I must admit. I was daydreaming the other day about what I would name a July 4th Independence Day baby. I settled on Amaryllis and paired it with the wonderful Josephine. Amaryllis Josephine is already a longer name, but nothing tragic. But then there's the second middle, which I really wanted to use Liberty! So patriotic, makes me think of this beautiful country. But then I had:

    Amaryllis Josephine Liberty

    Let's say this girl has a short last name, 1 syllable. Does this work, or is it entirely too much name?

    Other combos:
    Amaryllis Liberty Jolie - not liking how Amaryllis flows into Liberty. sounds like sliberty to me.
    Amaryllis Josephine Saoirse (sare-sha) - It's a lot of S's. What I love is that Saoirse means liberty, though!
    Amaryllis Josephine Summer - also a lot of S's, and no patriotic reference.
    Amaryllis Jane Liberty - I think this flows really well, but...well, I really wanted Josephine!

    1. Is Amaryllis Josephine Liberty nice or too much?
    2. Do you prefer any of the alternatives?
    3. Any other suggestions?


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    Still no replies?

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    I think it's cute. Liberty is a bit much, I mean I would have just done Liberty Josephine and called it good, Amaryllis has an awkward sound and flow to me.

    As far as too much name goes, that depends entirely on you. I'm a fan of the concise, so I'd prefer to find a way to cram everything I like into a first or middle, or a sibset if it's too much. I'm a one-middle-name type person, especially since I have an irrational distaste of hyphens.
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    I tend to feel more than two given names is too much name unless they're very short or you need to squeeze in family names for some reason, so not really sure how to address the question.

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    I think its fine maybe a little long but nothing too crazy.

    I think 4 or more names is too long personally.
    Like Arthur Frederick William Benedict would be way too long
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