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    This little Passion make 12!

    I just discovered this family and was wondering what all you Berries thought of the children's names.

    There is a lady in Australia, named Brinessa Martin, who has 12 children. He first 3 are named Samantha Jayne, Shantelle Victoria and Stephanie Catherine. Then came Shania Kay, Jenaya Lee, Brandon Bradley, Brandi Shyla Molly Robyn, Indigo Raindrop Sapphire, Cruz Richard, and Clayton Adam Logan. Her last 2 children are called Diammond Sparckle Zedekeyah Lilly Ann and Passion Brinessa Ajayla Quinatee. She said she devised the younger girls' names using verses of poetry, an iPhone name-generating app, and a love of adding letters. I am not making this up, feel free to do some research on the family!

    Two other names I have seen in the past week are Aivah (Ava) and Jayhne (Jane)!

    Feel free to add any other interesting names you have heard or seen!

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    Samantha Jayne, Stephanie Catherine, Cruz Richard, and Clayton Adam Logan are okay. Shantelle Victoria, Brandon Bradley, and Shania Kay are tolerable. The others are horrendous. It looks like she devised the last two girls' names under the influence.

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    Yikes. Passion is a little too visual...

    I dont mind Cruz or Indigo. I wouldnt personally use them in real life, especially Indigo. Its def a GP for me. Clayton isnt bad either.

    As for the rest...well they are either dated or made up.

    As for interesting spellings I met brothers named Konner and Khuyler the other day. And I also know brothers Gonnar(prn like Gunner) and Connar. *cringe*
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    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    It's like she smoked weed a little bit more with each child. They just progressively get worse.

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    The first 3 are great classics. Brandon Bradley is okay but I'm not a fan of alliteration in names. The rest except Cruz and Clayton are way too over the top for me. I do like Indigo and Sapphire but definitely not in the same name.
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