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    What type of names do you like? I like Jane because it is so classic, and it references 'Jane Eyre', one of my favorite novels. If you want something a bit more - feminine or frilly, Aurora. Exotic - Francesca. And Ivy if you want something a bit more trendy and cute.
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    I love all of these! But if I had to pick one (this is going to be hard). hmmm...

    Francesca- This is very classic and reminds of a child being raised in an Italian family.
    Aurora- I love this it was on my short list for awhile (Aurora Orchid) but it does have a lot of ROAR in it which is not very soft.
    Jane- Classic, simple, strong. It is part of one of my combos. As a first I am not a fan. I see it more as a middle spot name.
    Ivy- Love Ivy! Its fun, spunky, pretty and I feel it ages well.

    Ivy has my vote. I do love IVY JANE! I think it is so stunning and Jane grounds Ivy.
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    Jane is my hands down favorite, love it to the end of time. I also really like Francesca. I have no problems with Ivy or Aurora, I just find the other two a bit more exciting.

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    My vote is Aurora, with Ivy as a close second.
    Francesca isn't bad, but it's prone nickname attachment and I personally can't stand Frankie. Jane is elegantly classic, or "plain Jane", depending on how you look on it.

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    My favorite is Francesca.
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