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    Middle name for Finn

    We love Finn for our little boy. Works well with our 4-syllable last name. But are stuck on a middle name. We want to use a family name and have some great choices, but not sure which goes best with Finn.

    Finn Robert
    Finn Lawrence
    Finn August
    Finn Alfons
    Finn Clemens
    Finn David
    Finn Curtis
    Finn Ruben
    Finn Hermann

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    What's the surname's last initial? You likely wouldn't want his initials to spell anything like FAC or FED.

    Whatever you decide to do, I'd definitely have a middle name with significance. You could honor a family member with a variation of their name (Ned for Uncle Edward). You may try to go for a more daring choice that you would too outre for a first name. Overall, their seems to be a lot of classics on the list. It would be interesting to note why you chose those.
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    I LOVE Finn! Good tip from a previous poster about making sure of the last name. Not only do you need to be mindful of initials but making sure it flows. I don't know if it bothers you, but I tend not to like it when first and middle names end with the same letter/sound unless that's your only option (ex: only family name you can/want to use also ends in 'n' just like Finn). Since you have other options, I would stick with them.

    My favorite is Finn Robert. I just love the way this sounds.
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    I think I like Finn David the most.
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    Thats a great point re: initials. We have "T" to work with, so I guess the A's are out ( F.A.T. would be rather unfair!) I'm similarly unsure about F.R.T. although I like Finn Robert as well.

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