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    Which middle name for Sansa?

    Which middle name(s) do you think work best with the first name Sansa? The last name is one-syllable and starts with the letter "T."

    Sansa Ariadne T.
    Sansa Briseis T.
    Sansa Elaine T.
    Sansa Estelle T.
    Sansa Gwenllian T.
    Sansa Juno T.
    Sansa Noelle T.
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    What a beautiful name!
    I like:

    Sansa Adelaide T.
    Sansa Apolline T.
    Sansa Clémence T.
    Sansa Clementine T.
    Sansa Eve T.
    Sansa Margo T.
    Sansa Maude T.
    Sansa Miriam T.

    My favourites in order would have to be:
    1) Sansa Miriam
    2) Sansa Clémence
    3) Sansa Margo
    4) Sansa Eve
    5) Sansa Maude

    Apolline would be higher up, but I think the last 'a' of Sansa runs into the first 'a' of Apolline, and I like Clementine and Adelaide very much, but they just don't feel right to me here. Good luck!

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    I'm loving

    Sansa Adelaide T.
    Sansa Amélie T.
    Sansa Apolline T.
    Sansa Ariadne T.
    Sansa Clémence T.
    Sansa Clementine T.
    Sansa Maude T.
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    I really like:
    Sansa Ariadne
    Sansa Beatrix
    Sansa Clementine
    Sansa Corinne
    Sansa Ingrid

    Hope this helps you!

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    I love Sansa Delphine! Sansa Noelle is lovely as well. The -elle and -ine (pronounced -EEN) names seems to go nicely with Sansa. I think -ette names would work too, and would go nicely with a "t" last name.

    I also like (asterisks mark my favorites):
    Sansa Amandine
    Sansa Ameline
    Sansa Anette
    Sansa Arielle
    Sansa Avrielle
    Sansa Axelle
    Sansa Celestine*
    Sansa Claudette
    Sansa Colette
    Sansa Cosette*
    Sansa Eponine
    Sansa Fantine
    Sansa Florentine*
    Sansa Gabrielle
    Sansa Giselle
    Sansa Juliette
    Sansa Leontine*
    Sansa Mariette*
    Sansa Mirelle/Mirielle
    Sansa Raphaelle*
    Sansa Roselle
    Sansa Satine
    Sansa Seraphine
    Sansa Violette
    Sansa Yveline
    Sansa Zephyrine

    I'd be wary of using over-complex and unfamiliar names (Meliboea, Fiammetta, etc.) at risk of your daughter sounding too much like a character. I think longer, smoother names work well the name you've chosen. I'd try for French names especially. I think names that end in -a are okay, and if that's what you'd like go for names that end in an -enna sound like Gwenna, Adrienna and Serenna. Good luck!

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