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    Names that start with the same letter first and last

    Hi Berries. I think this is a question that many people differ, but what is your personal opinion on names that have the same initials first and last? For example Megan Miller or Emma Edwards.

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    Disappointing with vowels, but wrong w/consonants. My parents did it to me (RR)...not sure I'll ever forgive them, but I use my middle initial to break things up a bit.

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    I think it depends on the names. Megan Miller and Emma Edwards sound fine. John Johnson, Tyler Taylor, Miles Miller, etc. don't. My sister-in-law is Megan Mar-(three syllables) and it sounds just fine.

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    Alliteration usually annoys me, so i would definitely avoid it with my kids. One of my sisters has the same initial for all her names and hates it, so she's been very sure to avoid alliteration with her kids; my other sister *loves* alliteration and had specifically chosen alternative names for her future kids
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    My mother did this with my sister, and hated it so much she actually changed her mind and my sister's first name when she was about 2 years old... Her initials were MMM, Madison Merriweather M-(one syllable). I understand why she did it, but I actually like the way it rolls off the tongue. I'm strongly considering Merriweather/Merryweather as either a first or a middle for my future kiddos.

    Point is, I think it's all in the name and how similar they sound otherwise. Especially if they're different amounts of syllables, I'm not sure I would even notice it upon being introduced. Like Megan Mullaly, the actress... would never have even registered with me, except jess044's post upthread got me thinking about Megan M's.
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