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Thread: Ian... what?

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    Thanks, ladies! You've suggested some that I've been thinking about, but am still not so sure of (Ian Atticus, Ian Theodore, Ian Frederick, Ian Spencer, etc.).

    @essjay - it wasn't so much the unisex thing that was making me wonder about Ian Mackenzie--I'm not worried about Mackenzie so much in the MN spot, and I agree, it makes sense since I love Avery and Bailey so much! It's more that it feels so Scottish to me--and while I'm Welsh, and English, and Irish, I don't believe I have any Scottish blood in me, haha, so I wonder if that would be weird. Plus, none of my other names (especially combos!) feel that Scottish (at least to me--but Brody could be, I suppose, since that's Scottish, too), and I didn't know if it was just too much Scottish, especially next to something like Caleb Elias Joseph or Boaz something or other. Then again, my whole list is sort of a mess for boys, so I'm not sure that really matters!

    @emsky - yes, I have! I've considered Ianto (as it honors my Welsh roots, and it's another form of John, which would also honor my dad and brother), and really any name ending in Ian (Sebastian, Cyprian, and Caspian especially!) I love the idea of Sebastian (Twelfth Night!) or Caspian (Narnia!) especially--and I like the idea of having a fuller name with a lot of meaning with a nn that's just as meaningful (and that I adore!). I just couldn't seem to be able commit to any of them, and for some reason they don't seem to be quite "me", if that makes sense. I might reconsider all four of them if I'm unable to find an Ian combo I like, though!

    @saracita00 - lol, keep in mind this is coming from the person who wants kids named Bella and Caleb--my style isn't especially daring! Can you imagine a kid named Wycliffe, though? It just strikes me as super weird, lol. I do like Ian Wycliffe, though, and John Wycliffe is a great association. Plus, I like that Ian is a form of John, so essentially his name would be John [something] Wycliffe or John Wycliffe [something], but I don't think most people would put two and two together. Erm, yes, I did! Maybe I shouldn't have paired Saxon with Charles, but it took me long enough to find anything I liked with Charles, and I really liked Charles Ezra Saxon "Charlie", so I'm going with that. Plus, they just seem to pair off each other so well, imo. If I find something I like better, I would be willing to change it, but for now, I really like Charles Ezra Saxon. Now that I've said it out loud, it is a wee bit hissy, but ah, well. I like it. haha. Ian Saxony Grant sounds cool, but I'm not sure I love Saxon with Ian so much.
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