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    Rose/Rosie is my favorite, literally my favorite name of all time<3
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    I adore the name Penny, but I think with Connor and Claire, Rosie goes best! I have always loved Rosie and I especially like her with this sibset
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtalbot4 View Post
    Which do you prefer in a sibset with Connor and Claire?


    ...or any other short, classic, nicknamey names you can think of? Flo? Pippa? Bea? Birdie? Molly?
    To be perfectly honest I would prefer another 'c' name. I think a child with a different letter next to Connor and Claire could be visually strange along with sounding odd. Especially if this is your last child. Still from the names mentioned I think Penny is lovely as a nickname for Penelope but I wonder whether Penelope is too 'grand' next to Connor and Claire. Rose works she's a beautiful classic and I also think Jane works out of both Rose and Jane my favourite to go with Connor and Claire is Jane. From the rest of the nicknames suggested I like Pippa but she may be slightly to preppy for Connor and Claire. I dislike Molly and Birdie. I think Flo is slightly dated I would prefer Flora, Fleur or Florence. I also like Bea as a nickname for Beatrix/Beatrice.

    C name suggestions:
    Cecily - Connor, Claire, and Cecily 'Cece'
    Caitlin - Connor, Claire, and Caitlin 'Cait'
    Catherine - Connor, Claire, and Catherine 'Cathy'
    Clemency - Connor, Claire, and Clemency
    Calliope - Connor, Claire, and Calliope 'Callie'
    Clarissa - Connor, Claire, and Clarissa 'Rissa'
    Camilla - Connor, Claire, and Camilla 'Cammy'
    Caroline - Connor, Claire, and Caroline 'Carrie'
    Charlotte - Connor, Claire, and Charlotte 'Lottie'
    Christina - Connor, Claire, and Christina 'Christy'
    Cordelia - Connor, Claire, and Cordelia 'Cordy'
    Clover - Connor, Claire, and Clover

    Other names:
    Amber - Connor, Claire, and Amber
    Violet - Connor, Claire, and Violet
    Ellie - Connor, Claire, and Ellie
    Evie - Connor, Claire, and Evie
    Scarlett - Connor, Claire, and Scarlett
    Elisabeth - Connor, Claire, and Elisabeth 'Lisa'
    Willa - Connor, Claire, and Willa

    Hope this helped

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    Jane most definitely, especially with the cute nickname Janey! It matches very well with your other children, it's is very underused and deserves a come back! I also like Flo (for Florence), and Bea (for Beatrice or Beatrix).

    Hope this helped you out!

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