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    Need name help: baby is almos 2 1/2 weeks old and we're feeling the pressure! :/

    We didn't find out babe's gender and were both convinced we were having a boy. Now that our beautiful girl has arrived, we're both scratching our head for names.

    Last week we had settled on Addison. It had been my only girl name during pregnancy. Unfortunatley, we've just learned that it is the name of a rare disease... so that has cancelled that out.

    my husband has brought a strong Polish last name to the table, so I feel like her name needs to be soft and femme. Her sister's name is Zara, and it would be nice if they flowed together.

    My fav pick right now is Isadora. I LOVE IT! Anyone have any one syllable mn suggestions? Joy was one of my thoughts because it's my Grandmothers name, but I'm not sure they flow. I also like Amelia (even though it's more than one syllable!)

    Alternate names are:


    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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    Isadora Joy 'Pulchalski' is beautiful. I say go with it! Any hold ups?

    Isadora Jane
    Isadora June
    Isadora Mae
    Isadora Wynn
    Isadora Cate

    I really like Cora, especially depending on how long the surname is. It's soft and feminine, but suits a Polish last name really well.

    Cora Avery
    Avery Isadora
    Avery Scarlett

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    Amelia Joy is really cute! Isadora is sweet, but I think Amelia goes better with big sis Zara. Avery and Zara are really nice as well.

    Avery Scarlett is adorable as well, and Avery Joy is nice if you want to honour your gran. I'd go with Amelia Joy or Avery Joy. Congrats!

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    Isadora is my favorite from your list. Familiar of Isabella connections but far less popular, lovely meaning and a plenty of nicknames. I much prefer Isadora over Adisson too.
    A few short middle names ideas:
    Isadora June (I suppose she was born in June?)
    Isadora Luz ("luz" means "light" in Spanish)
    Isadora Sage
    Isadora Faye
    Isadora Breeze(I find this one very fitting for a summer baby)
    Isadora Lane
    Isadora Lior("lior" means "my light")
    Isadora Ruth
    Isadora Joyce(a twist on your grandmother's name)
    Do you like any?

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    Loving the suggestions! Thank you!!

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